Kranz Name


1 Entrance at Neuer Wall
2 Garden at Neuer Wall
3 Frankfurter Platter
4 Backyard
5 Indoors
6 Indoors
7 Smoking Lounge
8 Applewine Barrels
9 Indoors
Eingang Neuer Wall
Garten Hof
Innenhof Atmo
Atmo Frankfurter Platte
alte Apfelweinfässer Atmo
alte Ansicht View of the estate in the late 19th century.
The basement of the tavern contained the old apple winery with a storage capacity of about 120.000 liters. Each year in autumn, special small apples were collected in the tavern yard, to be pressed into fresh cider. Fässer
Fraa Rauscher View into the "Klappergasse" with the "Fraa-Rauscher-Fountain". The chorus of the famous dialect-song reads:

Mrs. Rauscher from the Klappergass,
she had a bump on her head,
whether it came from Mr. Rauscher,
or whether it came from her alcohol consume,
only the police can clarify that.

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