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In 1849, Mr. Schneider, a gardener, became a member of the Horticultural Guild. In the following years he began to sell his own pressed and fermented ciders and apple wines, mainly from his own private property. Only his own home grown apples were allowed to be used in the ciders that he sold. It was the custom that during the seasonal sale of apple wines, since the owner was not an official bar keeper, that the living room would be cleared out and seating arrangements prepared for the consumption of cider. Over a period from four to six weeks the self made apple wines and ciders would be offered to the public.

Gründerfamilie Fuhrwerk
Alte Ansicht

Up to the beginning of 1900, the establishment had the name of "Lieber Alter" (The dear old man). The present well known name of "Dauth-Schneider" was given to the tavern after the marriage of Johanna Schneider with Carl Dauth. Our 150th celebrations of the existance of our business was in the year 2000.

For more than five generations, the tavern has been in the ownership of the family. No more than in 2003, the landlord changed and renovated the rooms carefully with taste and style. The tavern is still one of the best known in Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen.

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