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Special lunch menu available Mo - Fr, 11.30 - 15.00, Choice of 6 dishes for 6,50.

Specialities of Frankfurt
Potato soup with black pudding
small Portion
large Portion
Consomme Celestine (with pancake) 3,80
Pickled loin of pork, boiled or grilled, sauerkraut and bread 8,30
Pickled knuckle of pork (Eisbein), sauerkraut, bread 8,80
"Gref-Völsings" boiled beef sausages, sauerkraut, bread 4,50
Frankfurter sausages, sauerkraut and bread 4,80
Roast pork hock, sauerkraut and bread 10,20
Grilled shoulder of pork, coleslaw and fried potatoes 14,50
Grilled spare ribs, sauerkraut and bread 9,20
"Sachsenhäuser" sausages platter (Beef sausage, Frankfurter sausage, pork sausage) with sauerkraut and bread 10,50
Frankfurter "Schlachtplatte" (black pudding, liversausage, pickled loin of pork, liver dumpling) with sauerkraut and mashed potatoes 12,20
Boiled beef with Frankfurter "Green Sauce" and boiled potatoes 10,20
4/2 boiled eggs with Frankfurter "Green Sauce" and boiled potatoes 7,80
Grilled tartar with fried potatoes and salad 11,00
Steak tartar (raw minced beefsteak with egg) 10,80
Brawn with oil and vinegar, onions and fried potatoes 9,80
"Presskopf" with oil and vinegar, onions and fried potatoes 8,50
FRANKFURTER PLATTE (Sauerkraut with a mixed pork selection and mashed potatoes) (min. 4 People, p.P. Euro 14,50)  
Side Dishes
Mixed salad 2,80
Frankfurter Green sauce 3,30
Fried potatoes 2,80
Boiled potatoes 2,00
Mashed potatoes 2,80
Sauerkraut 2,80
Main Courses - From the Grill
Beefliver "Berlin Style" with mashed potatoes, green salad 9,50
Breadcrumed turkey schnitzels with fried potatoes and salad 11,00
Turkey steak in a creamed mushroom sauce, rice and green salad 11,50
Strips of veal with mushroom sauce, hash brown and green salad 13,50
Bread crumbed pork scallops with fried potatoes and salad 11,50
Pork Cordon Bleu with fried potatoes and salad 12,50
Wiener Schnitzel (breaded veal), fried potatoes and salad 16,20
Breadcrumbed pork scallops in a cream mushroom sauce with home made noodles 11,50
Medallions of pork with green pepper sauce, fried potatoes and salad 13,80
Sirloin steak with onions, fried potatoes and salad 15,00
"Frankfurt Schnitzel" with Green Sauce and fried potatoes 11,50
Pancake filled with cheese and spinach, gratinated with hollandaise sauce 7,80
Schwäbische Kässpätzle (home made noodles) with cheese and salad 8,80
From neighbouring countries
Homemade Hungarian Goulashsoup
small Portion
large Portion
Traditional Alsatian "Flammekuchen" with bacon, onions, sour cream 6,00
Flammekuchen with spinach, goats cheese, sour cream 7,00
Flammekuchen with ham, mushrooms, sour cream 7,00
Salted herrings "Housewife style" with boiled potatoes 8,00
Sausages salad "Swiss style" with fried potatoes 8,00
Royale of raspberry (Sabayon with vanilla ice-cream) 5,00
"Rote Grütze" with Vanilla-sauce 5,00
Tiroler Apfelstrudel (Tirolian apple strudel) with vanilla-sauce 5,00
Vanilla ice-cream with hot raspberries 5,00
"Handkäs with Musik" with onions, bread and butter 3,00
"Handkäs without Musik" with bread and butter 2,80
"Handkäs with Musik" with onions, bread and butter, double portion 5,20
"Sachsenhäuser Schneegestöber" (mixed soft cheese) 6,00
Munster cheese with caraway, bread and butter 4,00
Further seasonal dishes are displayed on the blackboards in the restaurant
The kitchen is open until 23.30 hrs
All prices in Euro incl. VAT and Service - Errors excepted!

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